The Zienzele Foundation

The Zienzele Foundation works in one of the poorest rural areas in Zimbabwe. We coordinate 36 Zimbabwean women's groups whose efforts provide education for 800 orphans.

Our Mission: To help orphans in Zimbabwe and their caregivers achieve self-reliance and a better life.

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Zienzele Baskets

100% of the purchase price pays school fees so orphans in Zimbabwe can gain an education!

Baskets are woven by women in our groups and are created using fibers from the sisal plant. The fibers are twined and wrapped around a core of sweet grass. Most colors in the baskets are created by boiling the fibers with various tree barks or flower blossoms, or in a few cases, by using the plastic string from fruit bags. The dark blue colors are created by boiling the fibers with carbon paper! 

Support an Orphan's Education

$45 = 1 year of school. Women's groups in rural Zimbabwe make these baskets in order to send orphans to school. 100% of all revenues are used to pay school fees in Zimbabwe. Earnings from these baskets now give over 800 orphaned children the opportunity for an education.


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